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Welcome to the Pain Laser Center, LLC and Stop Chasing Pain. Congratulations! You have just discovered a unique one-of-a-kind therapy program designed to help you live pain free. If you want to stop the nagging pain that is controlling your life, then you have found the right place! If we can help, you will know it fast. We offer the only High Power Deep Tissue pain relief laser program combined with specialized myofascial stretching and muscle recovery training to deliver unprecented results. Get your life back results!

Have you tried everything to get better, yet are still suffering with pain?
 Well, we know the reason...others have been too busy chasing your pain with ineffective therapies, instead of fixing your problem. The #1 Rule of our Laser Program is: "If you have pain, you have a movement problem." The KEY to success in eliminating your pain is to

Pain is where your problem ended up. Not where it started!

What do we mean by that? Too often most therapies only focus on your site of pain, (known as Painful Dysfunction). However, we also focus our search on other areas of your body which do not hurt, yet are the real primary reason you can't get better (known as Non-Painful Dysfunction). So you see, the secret to pain relief is to look where you DON'T hurt to fix the areas where you DO hurt! Then we administer our high power deep tissue pain relief laser to BOTH areas and you feel better. Simple...yet profound.

When was the last time you spent 30-minutes one-on-one with a doctor? I'm not talking about sitting in the waiting room either...I mean actually being evaluated and treated by the doctor. Probably never, right? Well, at the Pain Laser Center you do! It's the quality treatment time spent with the patient which can make the difference in progress. Every session is done directly with Dr. Perry. We listen...we observe...we care...and we don't chase pain. We spend time with you to fix the problem! Our program is centered around YOU as the individual. You will experience healthcare the way it's supposed to be and feeling the difference!

Bold statement? YES! Our services include a strategic approach based on sound medical knowledge where you will feel pain relief on the same day after just one session. We specialize in non-surgical high power deep tissue laser and muscle system correction. We look at how you move to determine why you have pain. Because if you have pain, you have a movement problem. If you do not correct that movement problem, your pain will return. That is exactly what we do!

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